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To inform the design of RockPass, I utilized surveys, interviews, usability testing, and competitive analysis. The research revealed the need for a unified membership solution and led to key design decisions such as an intuitive dashboard, gym-specific features, and a robust recommendation system. The final design enhanced user convenience, variety, and community engagement.

Surveys: I distributed surveys to a diverse group of climbers across various demographics to understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. The results showed that 78% of climbers found managing multiple memberships cumbersome, and 85% were interested in a unified membership solution.

Interviews: I conducted in-depth interviews with 15 frequent climbers to gather qualitative insights. These interviews revealed that climbers value flexibility and variety in their climbing experiences, with many expressing frustration over the lack of seamless integration between different gym memberships.

Usability Testing: I created a prototype of the RockPass platform and conducted usability tests with 10 participants. The feedback indicated that users found the interface intuitive and appreciated features like the centralized membership management and easy access to diverse climbing options. Participants suggested improvements such as adding a feature to track gym visits and offering personalized recommendations based on climbing history.

Competitive Analysis: I also analyzed existing solutions in the market, identifying gaps and opportunities for RockPass. This analysis highlighted that while some platforms offered multi-gym access, none provided a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that integrated seamlessly with various gyms.

Results: The research informed several key design decisions, including the development of an intuitive dashboard, the integration of gym-specific features, and the implementation of a robust recommendation system. As a result, the final design not only met the users' needs for convenience and variety but also fostered a stronger sense of community among climbers.

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The entire design process of RockPass was centered around understanding the needs, pain points, and goals of climbers and gym owners. Through user research interviews, and continuous user feedback, the app's design and features were tailored to address these user needs and provide an optimal user experience.


Used Figma throughout the process. The design featured a simple and efficient onboarding process that prioritized user convenience. The first screen presented clear options to log in or sign up, ensuring a frictionless entry. Users were then prompted to enter their zip code, allowing the app to tailor gym options to their location. The final screen presented a curated list or a visually engaging map view for selecting gyms.