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Hey, I'm Aaron, a UX designer working at Sharpspring. I help startups showcase powerful products, boost important metrics, and much more through conversion-based Webflow design.

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I've been learning design for almost a decade now.

Being self-taught, I'm constantly seeking a better understanding of the tools I use as well as the design field as a whole. Over the past 2 years my passion for design and tech has overlapped enough to drive me toward the unwelcoming arms of the Tech Startup scene - I'm determined. Since then I've decided to focus all my efforts and education on mastering the skills the industry needs most.

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10,000 hrs of UX/UI

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I started my UX journey in 2014 and honestly had no idea it was UX at the time. A milestone for me would be hitting 10,000 hours of UX/UI design.


What I'm working on

Webflow Expert


Leverage secure, fast, and reliable cloud based servers, offering quick revisions and updates as well as powerful CMS features through the Webflow platform.

Goal: Help Startups grow


The final form of my business will involve working directly with large-scale startups creating interactive experiences that drive early-late funding and drive MRR.

Lottie Animation


Light-weight and eye catching, Lottie animations are an easy way to grab attention while maintaining design quality and low page load times.



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My focus is design

Increasing my knowledge about the industry and creating top-tier work in collaboration with other great designers. All this in an attempt to solve real problems for businesses through intelligent research and design practices.



TeeStack revolutionizes tee time integration and simplicity of use in an attempt to capture part of a demographic that is avoiding the app market.

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Super Patient

SuperPatient is a Dentist-focused design and development company that pairs expert design with industry knowledge to create a beautifully effective dental website.

More on this project
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1 Piece Each

1 Piece Each is an environmental non-profit with big dreams of global efforts to clean up our planet. I helped 1 Piece Each create their brand and user experience.

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ux design full page image of webflow website for superpatient

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