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SuperPatient builds brands and brand assets for dentists that understand the full value of a a well thought branding and design effort.

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SuperPatient aims to leave a mark on the dental industry by cleaning up a once-stale approach to marketing and website presentation. With that in mind it was my job to determine what made them stand out. I focused on a direction and began establishing 3 distinct themes to help the user understand and trust SuperPatient to deliver what they promise: Simplicity, Clarity & Thoroughness.

I needed a way to simplify the style of the designs without coming off as condescending and deterring potential dentist clients.

Trust the team

Dentists are proud individuals, as they should be. On top of being proud, they are usually very intelligent and hard-working. This creates a history of DIY websites, extravagant outdated sites, and overpriced 'packages' that never delivered on their promises. They're jaded to say the least.

I needed to create a site that catered to these specific attributes without coming off as a know-it-all.

Heres the other catch, dentists have heard all the sales pitches in existence. They have reps breathing down their necks on a regular basis, we had to be direct and clear.

Though dentists tend to be very self-sufficient when possible, they are aware that their success is heavily determined by the quality of their team. When you DO land a dental client, it' imperative you're available for them, this was a point we wanted to stress in the site design, availability.

Knowing what they need.

SuperPatient's biggest advantage to other site designers is their deep knowledge of the dental industry itself. Having over 10 years collectively working in the industry, the team knows what dentists needs to do to get the traffic to their sites.

We translated that with direct intentional copy and visuals that explain the benefits as well as the features. What they need, why they need it, and how they can get it.

The pricing page and interactive form were designed with full transparency in mind. The pricing page gives you a clear understanding of what to expect and an easy way to request services through a custom webflow form, effort removed.

The need for an interactive form lead me to customize the webflow "checkbox" feature and design and interactive menu for SuperPatient's services. Our research found that dentists tend to browse the web late into the evening. Thus, giving them the option to solidify some sort of interest when they are in the mindset.

The simplicity of the form gives the user a relaxed feeling instead of being rushed to finish an extensive form. One page, 4 questions. The least amount of information we could give without falling short, and the less cluttered the form UI the better chance of conversion.

Help Screens

User polling and in-person testing also revealed that most dentists use their phone for 90%+ of their online activity so I knew I'd have to create a smooth mobile experience the captured their attention. Of that online activity, 65% of dentists said they used their phone to make large purchases and business decisions.

This all meant that, not only were they using their phone for almost everything, it wasn't wasted time - they were educating themselves and making purchases, all from their phone.

According to our user experience research, the top services users could benefit from were appointment reminders, secure online forms & payments, and reputation management.

Simple Layout for Complex Services.

Up to this point all traffic and sales had been through word of mouth or paid advertising. These outlets usually had some form of interface, allowing the user to bypass the website. The team also relied heavily on in-person sales so it's clear their target customer appreciates the personalized experience.

I created a do-it-yourself order form, that basically sends a RFP to the SP team prompting a follow up call with a solid understanding of intention. The prices and selection process seems official, helping to weed out the tire-kickers.


Positives: Hopefully we have a successful UI that performs the way I know it can, the only concern is adoption and scaling, but thats

Learning Experience: The actions of dentists resemble that of the younger tech-driven generations revolving their social and online experiences around their mobile devices. However, it's interesting how willing they are to make financially impactful decisions on their phones.

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