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Rock Pass is a multi-pass designed to give you access to the best climbing gyms in the area without spending a fortune on memberships or day passes.

My Contribution

Design / Iterations


RockPass is a breakthrough in an expensive industry, allowing access to multiple gyms and requiring a balance of cooperation from a b2b perspective. In order to gain trust and credibility, the front end design as well as the in-app designs would need to convey the sense of a solid foundation, well thought UX and value.

Interface is king when dealing with an on/off style membership. Allowing users full access to adjust their account will create trust.

We wanted users to feel like they could adjust each membership to their budget and lifestyle.

If a user knows they wont have access to certain gyms for a period of time, they can remove them. This led us to design a simple add/remove functionality.

The Keyless System

Typically gyms have always had some form of key, whether it be a fob, dongle, code, etc...

Simple, clean and intuitive. With the user research results in mind, I designed a style guide that warrants spacing and hierarchal awareness.

User Centric

User account flexibility allows you to edit and display large amounts of info without cluttering or overwhelming the user. Modular design with a drill-in functionality. Shopping is integrated from a user level, seamlessly switching from general views to gym specifics such as gear, events and locations.

The Flow

Users are guided through use of UX fundamentals and presented with what they need when they may need it. Decluttering the UI reduces friction on the user-level, providing them with the freedom to explore, but without the overwhelm of a chaotic UI.

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